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I failed to find an active maintainer. See linter-jshint for an alternative. However, I would strongly recommend trying out ESLint (Atom plugin) instead. It's just so much better than JSHint. XO (Atom plugin), which is an ESLint wrapper with sensible defaults, is also a good choice.


Validate JavaScript with JSHint


$ apm install jshint

Or Settings → Install → Search for jshint (install Jshint, not Atom Jshint)


  • Validates in realtime.
  • Line and line number turns red on error.
  • Hover over the line number to see the errors.
  • Displays the error from the current line or the first error in the statusbar; clicking the statusbar message moves the cursor to the error.
  • Reads your .jshintrc config and jshintConfig in package.json using the same logic as JSHint.
  • Option to only validate on save.
  • Command Jshint: Lint to manually lint.
  • Command Jshint: Go To Next Error to move the cursor to the next error in the current editor.
  • Command Jshint: Go To Error to move the cursor to the error displayed in the statusbar.
  • Supports React JSX. (must be enabled in Settings)


MIT © Sindre Sorhus