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[Insert URL to the list here]

[Explain what this list is about and why it should be included here]

By submitting this pull request I confirm I've read and complied with the below requirements 🖖

Please read it multiple times. I spent a lot of time on these guidelines and most people miss a lot.

Requirements for your pull request

  • I have read and understood the contribution guidelines and the instructions for creating a list.
  • This pull request has a descriptive title.
    For example, Add Name of List, not Update or Add awesome list.
  • The entry in the Awesome list should:
    • Include a short description about the project/theme of the list. It should not describe the list itself.
      Example: - [Fish](…) - User-friendly shell., not - [Fish](…) - Resources for Fish..
    • Be added at the bottom of the appropriate category.
  • The list I'm submitting complies with these requirements:

Requirements for your Awesome list

  • Has been around for at least 30 days.
    That means 30 days from either the first real commit or when it was open-sourced. Whatever is most recent.
  • It's the result of hard work and the best I could possibly produce.
  • Non-generated Markdown file in a GitHub repo.
  • Includes a succinct description of the project/theme at the top of the readme. (Example)
  • The repo should have awesome-list & awesome as GitHub topics. I encourage you to add more relevant topics.
  • Not a duplicate.
  • Only has awesome items. Awesome lists are curations of the best, not everything.
  • Includes a project logo/illustration whenever possible.
    • Either fullwidth or placed at the top-right of the readme. (Example)
    • The image should link to the project website or any relevant website.
    • The image should be high-DPI. Set it to maximum half the width of the original image.
  • Entries have a description, unless the title is descriptive enough by itself. It rarely is though.
  • Includes the Awesome badge.
    • Should be placed on the right side of the readme heading.
    • Should link back to this list.
  • Has a Table of Contents section.
    • Should be named Contents, not Table of Contents.
    • Should be the first section in the list.
    • Should only have one level of sub-lists, preferably none.
  • Has an appropriate license.
    • That means something like CC0, not a code licence like MIT, BSD, Apache, etc.
    • WTFPL and Unlicense are not acceptable licenses.
    • If you use a license badge, it should be SVG, not PNG.
  • Has contribution guidelines.
    • The file should be named Casing is up to you.
  • Has consistent formatting and proper spelling/grammar.
    • The link and description are separated by a dash.
      Example: - [AVA](…) - JavaScript test runner.
    • The description starts with an uppercase character and ends with a period.
    • Consistent and correct naming. For example, Node.js, not NodeJS or node.js.
  • Doesn't include a Travis badge.
    You can still use Travis for list linting, but the badge has no value in the readme.

Go to the top and read it again.