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Update guidelines about including archived item

Fixes #1604
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sindresorhus committed Oct 5, 2019
1 parent 1c82282 commit a4dc681a0a33668ebb0af7f2a4cd89bb0e3318d9
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- The repo should have `awesome-list` & `awesome` as [GitHub topics]( I encourage you to add more relevant topics.
- Not a duplicate. Please search for existing submissions.
- Only has awesome items. Awesome lists are curations of the best, not everything.
- Does not contain items that are unmaintained, has archived repo, deprecated, or missing docs. If you really need to include such items, they should be in a separate Markdown file.
- Includes a project logo/illustration whenever possible.
- Either centered, fullwidth, or placed at the top-right of the readme. [(Example)](
- The image should link to the project website or any relevant website.

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