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Node.js `assert` as a standalone module
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I don't have time or interest in keeping it in sync with Node.js anymore. It should continue to work fine though. It's just missing some improvements from later Node.js versions.

core-assert Build Status

Node.js assert as a standalone module (ponyfill)

Useful to ensure consistency between Node.js versions as the assert module has changed a lot.

Lets you use the Node.js 4.0 assert.deepStrictEqual()/assert.notDeepStrictEqual() methods all the way back to Node.js 0.10.

Issues and improvements should be done in Node.js first.


$ npm install --save core-assert


var assert = require('core-assert');

assert.strictEqual('unicorn', 'unicorn');


  • deep-strict-equal - Test for deep equality - Node.js assert.deepStrictEqual() algorithm as a standalone module


MIT © Sindre Sorhus

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