Detect if DevTools is open and its orientation
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Detect if DevTools is open and its orientation

Useful for when you want something special to happen when DevTools is open. Like pausing canvas, adding style debug info, etc.



$ npm install --save devtools-detect


<script src="node_modules/devtools-detect/index.js"></script>
	// check if it's open
	console.log('is DevTools open?',;
	// check it's orientation, null if not open
	console.log('and DevTools orientation?', window.devtools.orientation);

	// get notified when it's opened/closed or orientation changes
	window.addEventListener('devtoolschange', function (e) {
		console.log('is DevTools open?',;
		console.log('and DevTools orientation?', e.detail.orientation);


  • Chrome DevTools
  • Safari DevTools
  • Firefox DevTools
  • Opera DevTools
  • Firebug
  • Firebug Lite


Doesn't work if DevTools is undocked and will show false positive if you toggle any kind of sidebar.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus