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Line ending in status bar #4

Iristyle opened this Issue Sep 20, 2012 · 4 comments


3 participants

Would love to see the line ending show up in the status bar.

This package has that feature, but feel like this would be a good addition to this package, rather than installing yet another package


sindresorhus commented Nov 25, 2012

I don't see the point in bloating it with unrelated functionality when there is already a package that does this.

You say yet another package, I say that's a good thing. Packages should be small and focused, they should do one thing and do it well. I don't see the harm in having to install it. If you need it it takes you 5 seconds to install one time.


treyhunner commented Nov 25, 2012

Generally I agree with @sindresorhus's suggestion of small focused extensions. I could see a "related tools/extensions for coding style" list being useful (for every/any editor maybe) so awesome related extensions could be more easily found more easily. I'm not sure if that would be most suitable in the README, a wiki, a blog post, or some other medium.

The only issue is that I now have over 100 packages installed... too small and focused == maintenance PITA / package hell / overlapping or competing keybindings / multiple packages that do very similar, but not quite the same things. This is installed package bloat. Package Control also doesn't have a clean way to say 'install these 50 things'. You can copy over your list of packages to the right spot on disk, and restart Sublime to have it fill in all the missing pieces.. BUT, you'll usually get a handful of Sublime dialogs along the way, as the missing packages download and load. In other words, there isn't (yet anyhow), a prescribed way to silently install packages when Sublime isn't running... at least not that I know of (and I asked Will a few months back about it).

But that's kind of beside the point here.

I don't think that adding 30 lines of code to this package to display line endings in the status bar is bloat, nor is it unrelated either, since EditorConfig normalizes line endings.

Different strokes for different folks I guess ;0


sindresorhus commented Nov 26, 2012

package hell

Is exactly because of packages trying to do to much. If all packages were focused we wouldn't have that problem. Just look at the Node.js ecosystem.

competing keybindings

I absolutely agree with this being awful in Sublime, and I intentionally don't embed keybindings in my plugins.

Package Control also doesn't have a clean way to say 'install these 50 things'.

How is that even a problem. Install one time and forget. If you have multiple computers, symlink and sync with Dropbox

there isn't (yet anyhow), a prescribed way to silently install packages when Sublime isn't running

Yes, there is, you just copy in the packages into the /Packages folder.

Different strokes for different folks I guess ;0

It's open source. Feel free to fork in and do whatever you want ;)

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