Notification when opening a file that has incorrect line endings #5

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Again, another idea taken from

Use case...

I'm about to do some hacking on a repo with LF endings (on Windows). Somehow, a file sneaks in with CRLF endings. When I open that file, I want to know right away that I should save / commit this file, so that when I start making real commits, they don't get lost in whitespace noise.

I already get a bit of this by using Modific which supports gutter marks for file changes... but it might be nice to totally get the Gong up-front.


I like this idea. I think other plugins should consider adopting it too.

@xuhdev What do you think about this?


Hmm, not sure about this, it kinda defeats the purpose of doing its thing transparently in the background.

@Iristyle When you open a file with wrong line endings it will be marked as dirty right away. That's how you know changes has been applied. Is that not good enough?


I agree @sindresorhus that non-intrusive notification methods are better, when possible.

I think that Modific does immediately show the gutter marks when Sublime opens a file and reformats based on EditorConfig rules.

The only problem is that this requires Modific. Maybe the most appropriate thing to do then is add something to the readme about installing Modific.

It would be nice to have an option though for people who don't want to install Modific (or don't use the systems that Modific supports - Git and Hg only IIRC)

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