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Removing the spaces == True and spaces == False check in the apply_pre_save method simply tells Sublime to enforce the tabs/spaces style throughout the document on save, as requested in #33

@ktrotter-emsi ktrotter-emsi Force whitespace pre-save
Removing the ‘spaces == True/False’ check in the apply_pre_save method
allows Sublime to enforce the tabs/spaces style throughout the
document, as requested in issue #33

It's like it is for a reason. git blame is a good tool to figure out why code is like it is.



Thanks for clarifying! Sorry for not doing my research -- definitely should have looked into why the check was present.

I've noticed those scroll position changes when using translate_tabs_to_spaces, but in my experience (SublimeText 3 on Mac), it didn't move by much. In my mind, the benefits of the change far outweigh what has been a pretty trivial scroll position change (again, that's just my experience and the experience of a few co-workers).

Totally understand that the scroll issue may be a more significant/annoying problem for other users. Happy to have this request closed if the solution isn't acceptable, thanks much for considering.


I'm honestly not sure. I'm leaning towards merging this, but there was a lot of user complaining about the "jump" #27. Too bad Sublime Text isn't open source so we could fix the actual bug...

In my mind, the benefits of the change far outweigh what has been a pretty trivial scroll position change

Do you know if it's possible to manually set the scroll position? If so we could maybe come up with a hack that prevents the jump.


Sorry about the lengthy hiatus on this, went on a long vacation and have been catching up with work since. I like manually setting scroll position as a work-around, and I'll keep exploring that option. Thanks for the reply!

kalebtrotter added some commits Jul 16, 2015
@kalebtrotter kalebtrotter Maintain viewport position when translating tabs
A workaround to maintain current viewport position when running the
‘set_translate_tabs’ command.
@kalebtrotter kalebtrotter Removing unnecessary param
Turns out the False I was passing to prevent animating the position
resetting wasn’t necessary

@sindresorhus Finally got some time to work on this, and it was super straightforward. Manually setting the viewport worked like a charm.


I've been using this branch for a bit and I haven't had any issues. Great fix @kalebtrotter.


@brismuth Thanks! Glad to hear it!


@kalebtrotter Nice! Thanks :)


Thank you! Glad I could help out even a little bit. Cheers!


🍻 Cheers!

And if you're looking for more challenges I could always use some help with #44 ;)

@sindresorhus sindresorhus added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 26, 2015
@sindresorhus Revert "Close #47 PR: Force whitespace pre-save. Fixes #33"
This reverts commit 1912349.
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