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Global identifiers from different JavaScript environments


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Global identifiers from different JavaScript environments

It's just a JSON file, so you can use it in any environment.

This package is used by ESLint 8 and earlier. For ESLint 9 and later, you should depend on this package directly in your ESLint config.


npm install globals


import globals from 'globals';

	addEventListener: false,
	applicationCache: false,
	ArrayBuffer: false,
	atob: false,


Each global is given a value of true or false. A value of true indicates that the variable may be overwritten. A value of false indicates that the variable should be considered read-only. This information is used by static analysis tools to flag incorrect behavior. We assume all variables should be false unless we hear otherwise.

For Node.js this package provides two sets of globals:

When analyzing code that is known to run outside of a CommonJS wrapper, for example, JavaScript modules, nodeBuiltin can find accidental CommonJS references.