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Compile Sass to CSS
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Compile Sass to CSS using node-sass

The issue tracker is disabled because of continuous abuse. Use Stack Overflow for support questions. Issues with the output should be reported on the libsass issue tracker. Install issues should be reported on the node-sass issue tracker. Learn how semver works before opening a PR updating node-sass.

This task uses libsass which is a Sass compiler in C++. In contrast to the original Ruby compiler, this one is much faster, but is missing some features, though improving quickly. It also doesn't support Compass. Check out grunt-contrib-sass if you prefer something more stable, but slower.


$ npm install --save-dev grunt-sass


require('load-grunt-tasks')(grunt); // npm install --save-dev load-grunt-tasks

    sass: {
        options: {
            sourceMap: true
        dist: {
            files: {
                'main.css': 'main.scss'

grunt.registerTask('default', ['sass']);

Files starting with _ are ignored to match the expected Sass partial behaviour.


See the node-sass options, except for file, outFile, success, error.

The default value for the precision option is 10, so you don't have to change it when using Bootstrap.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus

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