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How to backup (import/export) settings for an app

To sync settings for an app between different computers, check out the Syncalicious app or the Mackup command-line tool. You can also use Mackup to export and import app settings.

For the next steps, you will need to be familiar with the command-line.


You first need to find the bundle identifier of the app. Replace AppName with the app's name and run the following command:

osascript -e 'id of app "AppName"'

Then run the following command with the correct bundle identifier and app name:

defaults export BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER APP_NAME.plist


defaults export com.sindresorhus.Velja Velja.plist

You now have a Velja.plist file with all the data and settings for this app. You can either store this file in a safe place as a backup or use it to import the settings into another computer.


Make sure the app is not running.

Run the following command:

defaults import BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER APP_NAME.plist


defaults import com.sindresorhus.Velja Velja.plist

Then restart your computer to ensure the settings are correctly applied.