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@sindresorhus sindresorhus released this Apr 18, 2019


  • Require npm 6.8.0 or newer
    Some older versions were buggy and we also need it for some new features.
  • Require Yarn 1.7.0 or newer (#360) 537aa8e
    Only if you use Yarn
  • Require Git 2.11 or newer (#349) 6df47b9


  • Enable 2FA automatically for the package when publishing a new package (#346) d10ffcf
    Yay security!
  • Support specifying config in package.json or an external config file (#354) 9dac7aa
  • Rollback Git operations when publish fails and on termination (#334) c7d4cd0
  • Add --no-release-draft flag to skip opening a GitHub release draft page (#379) ce7e550
  • Add external registry support to authentication check (#365) 72ebf7d
  • Drop question Will bump from X to Y. Continue? (#377) a02e169
    It was just an extra step with little value


  • Fix doing a prerelease as the first release (#342) 97922b1
  • Fix multiple version bumps when publishing using Yarn (#389) 3601af5
  • Fix name check for private registries (#356) e8a3a7d
  • Correctly detect all Git tag types (#343) 508dec2


Shoutout to @itaisteinherz for doing most of the commits in this release. He's now also a maintainer 🎉

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