ES2015 Object.assign() ponyfill
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ES2015 Object.assign() ponyfill

Use the built-in

Node.js 4 and up, as well as every evergreen browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari), support Object.assign() 🎉. If you target only those environments, then by all means, use Object.assign() instead of this package.


$ npm install --save object-assign


const objectAssign = require('object-assign');

objectAssign({foo: 0}, {bar: 1});
//=> {foo: 0, bar: 1}

// multiple sources
objectAssign({foo: 0}, {bar: 1}, {baz: 2});
//=> {foo: 0, bar: 1, baz: 2}

// overwrites equal keys
objectAssign({foo: 0}, {foo: 1}, {foo: 2});
//=> {foo: 2}

// ignores null and undefined sources
objectAssign({foo: 0}, null, {bar: 1}, undefined);
//=> {foo: 0, bar: 1}


objectAssign(target, [source, ...])

Assigns enumerable own properties of source objects to the target object and returns the target object. Additional source objects will overwrite previous ones.



MIT © Sindre Sorhus