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Refined Twitter

Browser extension that simplifies the Twitter interface and adds useful features

XO code style Gitter

We use Twitter a lot and notice many dumb annoyances we'd like to fix. So here be dragons.

Read the blog post and discuss it on Product Hunt


Note: You must be logged in for this extension to work.


You can configure many of these features in the extension settings.

Tip: Twitter has a native dark mode and you can toggle it using Altm. And press Shift ? to see all keyboard shortcuts.


See the extension settings for what can be configured.

We're happy to receive suggestions and contributions, but be aware this is an opinionated project. There's a high bar for adding options.

This doesn't necessarily limit you from manually disabling functionality that is not useful for you. Options include:

  1. (CSS Only) Use a Chrome extension that allows injecting custom styles into sites, based on a URL pattern. Stylus is one such tool. Example

  2. Clone the repository, make the adjustments you need, and load the unpacked extension in Chrome, rather than installing from the Chrome Store.


Suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!

In order to make modifications to the extension you'd need to run it locally.

Please follow the below steps:

git clone
cd refined-twitter
npm install    # Install dev dependencies
npm run build  # Build the extension code so it's ready for the browser
npm run watch  # Listen for file changes and automatically rebuild

Once built, load it in the browser of your choice:

Chrome Firefox
  1. Open chrome://extensions
  2. Check the Developer mode checkbox
  3. Click on the Load unpacked extension button
  4. Select the folder refined-twitter/distribution
  1. Open about:debugging#addons
  2. Click on the Load Temporary Add-on button
  3. Select the file refined-twitter/extension/manifest.json


Don't you have another extension with the same name?

This is reusing the name from the original Refined Twitter extension, which tried to use the mobile Twitter version on the desktop. It was a good idea in theory, but not in practice. This extension instead improves upon the desktop version of Twitter.

Will this extension work if I'm not logged in?