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C++ Networking Library
Goals and Scope
o Develop a high quality, portable, easy to use C++ networking library
o Enable users to easily extend the library
o Lower the barrier to entry for cross-platform network-aware C++
* Implement a simple message implementation which can be used in
network protocol-specific routines for inter-operability and
to provide a generic interface to manipulating network-oriented
* Implement easy to use protocol client libraries such as (but not
limited to):
- HTTP 1.0/1.1
* Implement an easy to embed HTTP server container type that supports
most modern HTTP 1.1 features.
* Implement an efficient easy to use URI class/parser.
* Implement a fully compliant cross-platform asynchronous DNS resolver
either as a wrapper to external (C) libraries, or as hand-rolled
* Implement a MIME handler which builds message objects from either
data retrieved from the network or other sources and create
text/binary representations from existing message objects intended
for transport over the network.
* The library will provide a generic message class which is intended
to be the common message type used by the protocol libraries.
* The library will only contain client implementations for the various
supported protocols.
* The library will use only STL and Boost C++ library components,
utilities, and libraries throughout the implementation.
* The library will strive to use C++ templates and template
metaprogramming techniques in order to not require the building of
external shared/static libraries. In other words, the library will be
header-only and compliant with the C++ standard.