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The C++ Network Library Project -- header-only, cross-platform, standards compliant networking library.
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C++ Network Library

This is a collection of network related routines/implementations
geared towards providing a robust cross-platform networking library.
This offers the following implementations:

  *  Common Message Type -- A generic message type which can be used
     to encapsulate and store message related information, used by all
     network implementations as the primary means of data exchange.
  *  Network protocol message parsers -- A collection of parsers which
     generate message objects from strings.
  *  Adapters and Wrappers -- A collection of Adapters and wrappers aimed
     towards making the message type STL friendly.
  *  Network protocol client and server implementations -- A collection 
     of network protocol implementations that include embeddable client 
     and server types.

This library is released under the Boost Software License (please see or the accompanying LICENSE_1_0.txt file
for the full text.

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