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Sentinel2ProductIngestor is used to download earth observation data provided by the satellites and store it to Amazon S3. At the moment there is not much else here than application pulling data from Sentinel Science Hub. Lots of effort was put into solving technical difficulties (e.g. Hub not working, transfer being interrupted, etc.) and ensuring reliability of the transferred data. In the future we plan to add some further utils related to organisation of Sentinel archive.

About the data

Sentinel 2 data structure on S3

Data structure is described here: Check also original MSI specifications by ESA (

Data browser

Data can be browsed here:

Tile locations

Each file is its own object in Amazon S3. The data are organised per tiles using the Military grid system. The latest KML file describing available tiles is available is ESA site (, or via direct link ( SHP version is available here:



  1. SciHub account

  2. Access to Amazon S3 bucket

  3. Enough local storage space to download and unpack SciHub products

    java com.sinergise.sentinel.ProductsIngestorRunner

Notification service for new products

There is a public SNS topic that anyone can subscribe to for notifications of when a new Sentinel-2 product has been added to s3://sentinel-pds. The topic publishes a message when a new product is fully ingested to S3.

ARN: arn:aws:sns:eu-west-1:214830741341:NewSentinel2Product

Find example of the message here:

Relevant links

Mailing list for discussion is at


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