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Personal Spacemacs configuration

This is my Spacemacs configuration (see Spacemacs on Github ).

I've been an Emacs user since the late 1990s and I've been keeping my emacs configuration ever since February 2000 ­ when it was just a simple .emacsrc ­ until it evolved over time to something quite complex and hairy. In recent months it's developed a will of its own, to the point where I cannot easily maintain it: if I make a change to something, three other things will unexpectedly break.

So, I have declared Emacs Configuration Bankruptcy.

What to do!?

Well, I recently discovered use-package, which offers a way to replace my own ELPA-wrangling code (based off the Emacs Starter Kit, version 2) with something much more sensible and simple. It's great, but I would still need to write many package configurations to tidy up what I've accumulated over the years and make it all make sense and work.

Then I discovered Spacemacs, which uses use-package and comes with batteries included in the form of Layers. Wow, this is so elegant ­ and importantly, much of the package installations/configurations I've been doing on my own are already done for me (by people with much more skill than I). So, I'm getting in on it!

Of course it still needs tweaking to personal taste (there's no accounting for personal taste), and that is what this project is for.

I've made it Public because I will be blogging as I go along. My main aims in configuring Spacemacs are:

  • Make it less like vim (I know, people tell me vim is great but I don't agree)
  • Add my personal utility defuns, where still required (in a Layer or two)
  • Configure personal preference variables
  • Add modern/super-keybindings (similar to the existing osx Layer plus some of the less radical ideas from ErgoEmacs)
  • Configure separate Layers for different groupings of settings
  • Contrive to add different groups of Layers for different hosts I install Spacemacs to (e.g. some Layers for Windows/Cygwin settings that are only added when on a Windows host, or a settings for Work that are only loaded on hosts with a specific name)

That should pretty well be all I do with this, aside from adding/removing layers as I want, and the perpetual fiddling that comes with acquired OCECD (Obsessive Compulsive Emacs Configuration Disorder).

I'm learning as I go, always. You might find what I do here instructive, or at least interesting, or you might find it crazy. That's okay.