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Setting up Nikola environment

  1. Set up Python environment for host operating system as described on the Nikola web site
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Switch to the src branch: git checkout src

You should now be able to build. A few weird things I’ve encountered and blogged about.

openSUSE Leap

The Linux instructions differ slightly for openSUSE. This is what I do to install Python3 in my hacking vagrant box.

First, install the required OS packages for Python 3 development (I believe only pattern:devel_python3 and python3-virtualenv are required for Nikola):

#Python3 development
sudo zypper install -y \
  pattern:devel_python3 \
  python3-virtualenv \

#system-wide pip3
sudo zypper install -y python3-pip
sudo pip3 install --upgrade pip

#optional documentation
sudo zypper install -y python3-virtualenv-doc

Now install XML/XSLT and zlib development packages; DBM, LXML and Pillow:

sudo zypper install -y \
  libxml2-devel  libxslt-devel  zlib-devel \
  python3-dbm    python3-lxml   python3-Pillow

(Optional, I think): Install NodeJS stuff:

sudo zypper install -y \
  nodejs  npm  perl-JavaScript-Minifier-XS

Now I can install Nikola as documented. I like to put Python VirtualEnv’s into ~/lib/, so I do this:

cd ${HOME}
mkdir -p lib/nikola
pushd lib
virtualenv nikola
source nikola/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade "Nikola[extras]"

This virtualenv setup is much simpler with my python virtualenv wrapper from my dotfiles. With the mkvenv and activate functions, one can simply do this:

mkvenv nikola
activate nikola
pip install --upgrade "Nikola[extras]"

Repository Branches


This is the site served by GitHub Pages. It should not be manually edited because the whole content is replaced when deploying with github_deploy.


The source for the site. All resources necessary to generate the site should be in this branch, either under Nikola control, or in the /files/ folder to be copied in by Nikola. Experiments and new features should be branched from here and then merged back.


A bunch of off-shoots and forgotten ideas. This is a place to stash things.

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