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LinuxKit Mods

If you want to know how to build your own wifi kernel, read on. You shouldn't need to do this though, just docker pull singelet/kernel:<latest tag>. Since linuxkit-kernel-wifi has a list of autobuilt wifi-enabled x86 kernel images that automatically tracks the main linuxkit repository.

If you want to know how to build LinuxKit VMs using these YAML files, see the instructions in the parent directory.


More detail on this is available from LinuxKit's Kernel Docs.

# Fetch and build LinuxKit
git clone
cd linuxkit
export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/bin

# Build the kernel
cat config-4.14.x-x86_64 config-wifi > config-4.14.x-x86_64-wifi
make EXTRA=-wifi build_4.14.x-wifi
# These options stay fairly consistent across kernel versions
# If not, read the LinuxKit kernel docs on "Modifying the kernel config"

# Note the resulting tagged output e.g.
# Successfully tagged linuxkit/kernel:4.14.52-wifi-ba03a8d668eb6be981e1ff71883b5e9e26274971-amd64

# Edit your LinuxKit YAML file to replace the kernel image. An e.g. diff
-  image: linuxkit/kernel:4.14.52
+  image: linuxkit/kernel:4.14.52-wifi-ba03a8d668eb6be981e1ff71883b5e9e26274971-amd64
   cmdline: "console=ttyS0 page_poison=1"

# Publish your kernel
docker image tag linuxkit/kernel:4.14.52-wifi-ba03a8d668eb6be981e1ff71883b5e9e26274971-amd64 <yourusername>/kernel:4.14.52-wifi-ba03a8d668eb6be981e1ff71883b5e9e26274971-amd64
docker push <yourusername>/kernel:4.14.52-wifi-ba03a8d668eb6be981e1ff71883b5e9e26274971-amd64
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