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Template for building a Singer Target
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A cookiecutter template for creating Singer targets.

The best way to demonstrate creating your target structure is with an example. Below I will initialize the "target-foobar" project:

Start by installing cookiecutter:

$ pip install cookiecutter

The next command will ask for some input. Enter the name of your tap:

$ cookiecutter
project_name [e.g. 'target-csv']: target-foobar

For the package_name, I just hit enter since tap_foobar is what I wanted:

package_name [target_foobar]:

Now that the project exists, make a virtual environment:

$ cd target-foobar
$ python3 -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/target-foobar
$ source ~/.virtualenvs/target-foobar/bin/activate

Install the package:

$ pip install -e .

See the Running a Singer Tap with a Singer Target section of the singer docs for instructions on running a Tap with your Target

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