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This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:

Quick start

  1. Install

    > pip install tap-gitlab
  2. Get your GitLab access token

    • Login to your GitLab account
    • Navigate to your profile page
    • Create an access token
  3. Create the config file

    Create a JSON file called config.json containing:

    • Access token you just created
    • API URL for your GitLab account. If you are using the public this will be
    • Groups to track (space separated)
    • Projects to track (space separated)


    • either groups or projects need to be provided
    • filling in 'groups' but leaving 'projects' empty will sync all group projects.
    • filling in 'projects' but leaving 'groups' empty will sync selected projects.
    • filling in 'groups' and 'groups' will sync selected projects of those groups.
    {"api_url": "",
     "private_token": "your-access-token",
    "groups": "myorg mygroup", 
    "projects": "myorg/repo-a myorg/repo-b",
     "start_date": "2018-01-01T00:00:00Z"}
  4. [Optional] Create the initial state file

    You can provide JSON file that contains a date for the API endpoints to force the application to only fetch data newer than those dates. If you omit the file it will fetch all GitLab data

    {"branches": "2017-01-17T00:00:00Z",
    "commits": "2017-01-17T00:00:00Z",
    "issues": "2017-01-17T00:00:00Z",
    "projects": "2017-01-17T00:00:00Z",
    "project_milestones": "2017-01-17T00:00:00Z", 
    "users": "2017-01-17T00:00:00Z",
    "group_milestones": "2017-01-17T00:00:00Z"}


    • currently, groups don't have a date field which can be tracked
  5. Run the application

    tap-gitlab can be run with:

    tap-gitlab --config config.json [--state state.json]

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