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This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:


This tap requires a config.json which specifies details regarding OAuth 2.0 authentication, a cutoff date for syncing historical data, and an optional flag which controls collection of anonymous usage metrics. See config.sample.json for an example. You may specify an API key instead of OAuth parameters for development purposes, as detailed below.

To run tap-hubspot with the configuration file, use this command:

› tap-hubspot -c my-config.json

API Key Authentication (for development)

As an alternative to OAuth 2.0 authentication during development, you may specify an API key (HAPIKEY) to authenticate with the HubSpot API. This should be used only for low-volume development work, as the HubSpot API Usage Guidelines specify that integrations should use OAuth for authentication.

To use an API key, include a hapikey configuration variable in your config.json and set it to the value of your HubSpot API key. Any OAuth authentication parameters in your config.json will be ignored if this key is present!

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