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Author: Jeff Huth (

This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:

  • Pulls raw data from the Revinate Porter API
  • Extracts the following resources:
    • Hotels
    • Reviews
    • Hotel Review Snapshot
  • Outputs the schema for each resource
  • Incrementally pulls data based on the input state (for Reviews only)

Quick start

  1. Install

    > git clone
    > cd tap-revinate
    > pip install .
  2. Get credentials from Revinate:

    You'll need:

    • A Revinate username (email address) with access to the API
    • A Revinate API key and secret (your account manager can give you these)
  3. Create the config file.

    There is a template you can use at config.json.example, just copy it to config.json in the repo root and insert your credentials.

    • username, your Revinate username (email address)
    • api_key, your Revinate API key (from your account manager)
    • api_secret, your Revinate API secret (from your account manager)
    • start_date, the date from which you want to sync data, in the format 2018-08-01T08:00:00Z
  4. Run the application.

    tap-revinate --config config.json


    tap-revinate -c ./tap-revinate/config.json | target-csv


    tap-revinate --config ./tap-revinate/config.json --state ./tap-revinate/state.json | target-csv


    tap-revinate --config ./tap-revinate/config.json --state ./tap-revinate/state.json | singer-check-tap

Copyright © 2018 Stitch

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