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This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:

Quick Start

  1. Install

    pip install tap-shopify

  2. Create the config file

    Create a JSON file called config.json. Its contents should look like:

         "start_date": "2010-01-01",
         "api_key": "<Shopify API Key>",
         "shop": "test_shop"

    The start_date specifies the date at which the tap will begin pulling data (for those resources that support this).

    The api_key is the API key for your Shopify shop generated via an OAuth flow.

    The shop is your Shopify shop which will be the value test_shop in the string

  3. Run the Tap in Discovery Mode

    tap-shopify -c config.json -d

    See the Singer docs on discovery mode here.

  4. Run the Tap in Sync Mode

    tap-shopify -c config.json --catalog catalog-file.json

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