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This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:

  • Pulls raw data from WooCommerce
  • Extracts the following resources:
  • Outputs the schema for each resource
  • Incrementally pulls data based on the input state


  1. Create Config file from sample-config.json
  • the consumer key and consumer secret will be needed to be generated from within woocommerce settings > api > api keys
  • start date will determine how far back in your order history the tap will go
    • this is only relevant for the initial run, progress afterwards will be bookmarked
  1. Discover
$tap-woocommerce --config config.json --discover >> catalog.json
  • Run the above to discover the data points the tap supports for each of Woocommerce's endpoints (currently only List-Orders)
  1. Select Streams
       "schema": {
            "properties": {...},
            "type": "object",
            "selected": true
        "stream": "orders",
        "tap_stream_id": "orders"
  • Add "selected":true within the schema object to select the stream

4.Run the tap

$tap-woocommerce --config config.json --catalog catalog.json

5.Run with Stitch Target

  • Install target
pip install target-stitch
  • Create Config
  "client_id" : your_stitch_id,
  "token" : "your_stitch_token"
  • Run tap with target
tap-woocommerce --config config.json --catalog catalog.json | target-stitch --config target-config.json

Copyright © 2018 Stitch

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