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A Singer tap for extracting data from the Wootric API.


Creation Date Clustering

The Wootric API limits results to 50 per request and only allows sorting by created_at. For instances where more than 50 records have an identical created_at date and time, it is therefore impossible to access certain data points. In this case, the bookmark is incremented by one second and replication continues in order to avoid a crash or infinite loop.

Record Updates

The Wootric API does not allow you to order results by updated_at or filter based on updated_at date. As a result, there is no way to incrementally upsert updated records. To capture any changes in records that have been previously updated, conduct a full replication.


Clone this repository, and then:

› python install


Run the application

tap-wootric -c config.json -s state.json

Where config.json contains the following, retrieved from the API section of your Wootric account settings page:

  "client_id": "a64characterstring...",
  "client_secret": "another64characterstring..."

and state.json is a file containing only the value of the last state message.

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