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This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:

Note: The product_reviews endpoint is similar to the reviews endpoint, but also contains custom fields specified for your Yotpo integration. Consider disabling this endpoint if you do not have or need custom fields in the output of this integration.

Quick Start

  1. Install

    $ pip install tap-yotpo
  2. Get an API key

    You can find your api_key and api_secret in your Yotpo settings.

  3. Create the config file

    You must create a JSON configuration file that looks like this:

        "start_date": "2015-01-01",
        "api_key": "...",
        "api_secret": "...",
        "email_stats_lookback_days": 30,
        "reviews_lookback_days": 30

    The start_date parameter determines the starting date for incremental syncs. The email_stats_lookback_days parameter is used to fetch updated email statistics (opens, clicks, etc) for emails sent by Yotpo. The reviews_lookback_days parameter is used to re-fetch reviews that have been updated (or deleted) since the last time they were synced.

  4. Run the Tap in Discovery Mode

    $ tap-yotpo -c config.json -d

    See the Singer docs on discovery mode here.

  5. Run the Tap in Sync Mode

    $ tap-yotpo -c config.json -p catalog-file.json

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