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Machine Learning Trivia Challenge


A multiple choice trivia game based on machine learning questions. Click the Start button to begin. Choose the best answer from the listed options. Answer each question within 20 seconds. An unanswered question is counted as an incorrect answer. Answer all 5 questions to ace the challenge!


Main Page

Sample Question

Summary Page

Installing / Getting started

Simply head here to to start playing!


Feel free to modify/expand upon my code for your purposes!

git clone
cd TriviaGame/

Scripting/Programming Languages

  • HTML, CSS (including Bootstrap), JavaScript (and libraries jQuery and Chart.js)


  • progress bar
  • correct answer is displayed after each question
  • Summary of Correct and incorrect answers displayed using a donut chart


If you'd like to contribute, please fork the repository and use a feature branch. Pull requests are warmly welcome.


Even though this information can be found inside the project on machine-readable format like in a .json file, it's good to include a summary of most useful links to humans using your project. You can include links like:


The code in this project is licensed under MIT license.

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