Checks for sanity of data, by running validations for model depending on options
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Data Sanity Inspector

It is a gem with following options to check sanity of database
    # All data in all models
    # Random data in all models :
        * specify n number of random records,
        * specify criteria
It allows you to see details in two strategies - table/csv
    # output to a model named DataInspector
        * For this you need to run migrations
        * You get an advantage of using variable from command line
    # output to a csv file in tmp folder as data_inspector.csv

It would output result in a table/csv with following details

| id | table_name | primary_key | primary_key_value | errors                |
| 1  |  Person    | person_id   | 128               | “Fmno can’t be blank” |


* adding migrations : rake data_sanity:db:migrate [for strategy table]
* removing migrations : rake data_sanity:db:rollback [for strategy table]
* You can add a sample criteria file using rake data_sanity:criteria
* To Investigate your data use rake data_sanity:investigate
    - By default it runs for all data with strategy table
        : If criteria file is specifies then picks model from file and validates only those
        : Note: For any criteria mentioned except model names is ignored
    - rake data_sanity:investigate[table,random,2]
        : parameter 1: random: show you want random selection
        : parameter 2: lets you add as many random records you want to verify [default is 1]
        : Note: if you have a criteria file it works only for models in criteria file
    - rake data_sanity:investigate[csv,random,2]