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Here are the questions asked in the 2007 Perl Survey:
SECTION 1: Basic Demographics
* Sex
* Year of birth
* Country of birth
* Country of residence
* Primary language spoken
* Annual personal income (USD equivalent)
* What industry/ies do you work in?
SECTION 2: Programming Perl and Other Languages
* How many years have you been programming Perl?
* How many years have you been programming in any language?
* What other languages are you fluent in?
* What did we miss?
* How much of your programming, in the last year, has been in Perl?
* What versions of Perl have you used in the last year?
* What platforms have you used Perl on in the last year?
SECTION 3: Perl Community
For these sections, check any items you have done in the last twelve months.
Mailing lists and websites
Have you...
* Been a member/subscriber of a Perl mailing list or Usenet newsgroup
* ... and posted to it
* Been a member/subscriber of a Perl Mongers mailing list
* ... and posted to it
* Contributed to Perlmonks
* Contributed to other Perl websites (forums, wikis, blogs)
Have you...
* Attended a Perl Mongers meeting
* ... in another city
* Attended a Perl conference, or any other conference with considerable Perl content
* ... more than 1000km (approx 600 miles) away
* Presented at a Perl conference, Perl Monger meeting, or about Perl to any other group
Open source software contributions
Have you...
* Contributed to CPAN
* Contributed to Perl 5 (via p5p)
* Contributed to Perl 6 (pugs, parrot, etc)
* Contributed Perl code to other open source software projects
* Founded or led other open source projects in Perl
* Submitted bug reports or feedback to the authors of Perl software
* If you contribute to CPAN, how many distributions do you currently maintain?