Sample plugin for Zotero for Firefox (currently extremely outdated)
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Sample firefox plugin for demonstrating Zotero functionality.

Getting Started in 4 steps.

1.  Download this code and put it somewhere on your file system.

2.  Set up a firefox development environment as per here:

Be sure to save the command you use to run your developer firefox as a shell
script or batch file.  Mine looks like this (on OS X):

 /Applications/ -P dev -no-remote 

3.  Grab a copy of Zotero, its recommended to run a subversion build of Zotero and follow the instructions here:

4.  Put the file "" which contains the path to where you
downloaded this code in the same location as the file you
made in step 3.

NOTE: It's a good idea to keep a symbolic link/shortcut to the profile
extension library in your home directory or on your desktop.