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* Tera_WURFL - PHP MySQL driven WURFL
* Tera-WURFL was written by Steve Kamerman, and is based on the
* Java WURFL Evolution package by Luca Passani and WURFL PHP Tools by Andrea Trassati.
* This version uses a database to store the entire WURFL file, multiple patch
* files, and a persistent caching mechanism to provide extreme performance increases.
* @package TeraWurfl
* @author Steve Kamerman <stevekamerman AT>
* @license MPL Vesion 1.1
* webservice.php provides a method of querying a remote Tera-WURFL for device capabilities.
* This file requires Tera-WURFL >= 2.1.1
* Parameters:
* ua: The user agent you want to lookup (url encoded/escaped)
* search: The capabilities or groups you are looking for (delimited by '|')
* format: (optional) The data format to return the result in: xml or json. xml is default
* Usage Example:
* webservice.php?ua=SonyEricssonK700i/R2AC%20SEMC-Browser/4.0.2%20Profile/MIDP-2.0%20Configuration/CLDC-1.1&search=brand_name|model_name|uaprof|fakecapa|image_format|fakegroup
* Returns:
* XML data with the results, in the following format:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<device apiVersion="2.1.4" mtime="1276096668" useragent="SonyEricssonK700i/R2AY SEMC-Browser/4.0.3 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1" id="sonyericsson_k700i_ver1subr2ay">
<capability name="brand_name" value="SonyEricsson"/>
<capability name="model_name" value="K700i"/>
<capability name="uaprof" value=""/>
<capability name="fakecapa" value=""/>
<capability name="greyscale" value="false"/>
<capability name="jpg" value="true"/>
<capability name="gif" value="true"/>
<capability name="transparent_png_index" value="false"/>
<capability name="epoc_bmp" value="false"/>
<capability name="bmp" value="true"/>
<capability name="wbmp" value="true"/>
<capability name="gif_animated" value="true"/>
<capability name="colors" value="65536"/>
<capability name="svgt_1_1_plus" value="false"/>
<capability name="svgt_1_1" value="true"/>
<capability name="transparent_png_alpha" value="false"/>
<capability name="png" value="true"/>
<capability name="tiff" value="false"/>
<capability name="fakegroup" value=""/>
<error name="fakecapa" description="The group or capability is not valid."/>
<error name="fakegroup" description="The group or capability is not valid."/>
* You can specify the following options via GET or POST:
* ua: User Agent (required)
* search: Returns the specified capabilities (e.g. mp3) and groups (e.g. product_info)
* Multiple capabilities and groups can be separated by '|'.
* This script is designed to always return valid XML data so your client doesn't
* break. If your query generated errors, they will be in:
* <TeraWURFLQuery>
* <errors>
* Error elements have two properties:
* name: The name of the capability or group in error
* desc: The description of the error
* See the example above. If you searched for an invalid capability or group, it
* will still be included in the XML data structure, but it will be NULL.
* To see the nicely formatted XML output in your browser, you can do this:
* <code>
* echo "<pre>".htmlspecialchars(var_export($webservice->getXMLResponse(),true))."</pre>";
* </code>
require_once realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/./TeraWurflWebservice.php');
$userAgent = array_key_exists('ua',$_REQUEST)? $_REQUEST['ua']: null;
$searchPhrase = array_key_exists('search',$_REQUEST)? $_REQUEST['search']: null;
$data_format = (array_key_exists('format',$_REQUEST) && $_REQUEST['format'])? $_REQUEST['format']: null;
$webservice = new TeraWurflWebservice($userAgent,$searchPhrase,$data_format);
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