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Lektor-Google-Drive adds a google-drive field type to Lektor, allowing you to embed the contents of a Google Document into your static website.


label = Google Drive document ID
type = google-drive


document: 1aDDm7shDaA9e_TVbpL1NGHwj6K5smInqJsXmVoOPCGE


<h1>{{ this.document.title }}</h1>
<p>{{ this.document.text }}</p>
{{ this.document.html }}


In order to use this plugin, you must create an application on the Google Developers Console. Enable the Drive API, and create a credential to access it. The credential should be an OAuth client ID, with type set to "Other". Google will give you an OAuth client ID and client secret, which Lektor needs in order to access the API.

In your Lektor project, create a file at configs/google-drive.ini, with the following content:

client_id = <CLIENT_ID>
client_secret = <CLIENT_SECRET>

You'll need to replace <CLIENT_ID> and <CLIENT_SECRET> with the values you got from the Google Developers Console when setting up your credential.


This plugin uses the Google Drive API to fetch information about the document. This API requires OAuth 2.0 to authorize requests, and right now, the workflow is a little janky. Every time you build your app, Lektor will open an OAuth consent page in your web browser, and ask you to copy-paste the code that Google gives you. This is a terrible user experience, and it should be improved. Ideas and pull requests are welcome!

There is a hacky workaround: once you get an OAuth access token from Google by going through the OAuth dance, you can save it in your google-drive.ini file under the [api] heading, with the access_token key. However, access tokens are short-lived, so this is not a good solution to this problem, merely a temporary hack. Do not rely on it! It will be removed from future versions of this plugin.