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Ruby library for working with the Gnip Rules API
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This gem simplifies the effort to add/delete/list rules using the Gnip Rules API. It handles HTTP request/response and helps your rules conform to Gnip's restrictions.


gem install gnip-rule or add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'gnip-rule'


require 'gnip-rule'


# Add as a String, Rule, or Array of either
rules.add('bar', 'tag')
rules.add(['foo', 'bar', 'baz'], 'tag')
rules.add('value', 'tag'))
rules.add(['foo', 'bar'),'baz', 'tag2')])

# Same with delete
rules.delete('baz', 'tag')
rules.delete(['foo', 'bar'])
rules.delete('value', 'tag'))

# Get all rules
rules_list = rules.list()
rules_list.each { |rule| rule.valid? }
jsonified = { |rule| rule.as_json `}
rules_tagged_foo = { |rule| rule.tag == 'foo' }


See .travis.yml for Ruby versions used in testing.


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When submitting pull requests, please do the following to make it easier to incorporate your changes:

  • Include unit and/or functional specs that validate changes you're making.
  • Rebase your changes onto the HEAD of my fork if you can do so cleanly.
  • If submitting additional functionality, provide an example of how to use it.
  • Please keep code style consistent with surrounding code.


You can run all tests by simply running bundle exec rake test from your favorite shell.


Licenced under the MIT License

@eriwen and @singlebrook wrote this software. It is provided free of charge. If you find it helpful, please endorse @eriwen on coderwall: endorse and check out Singlebrook.

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