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Getting Started
You're on the way to being part of the SingularityNET!
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All Docs
Find an overview of our full documentation here.

Welcome to the SingularityNET Developer Portal.

Our Developer Portal provides documentation about the SingularityNET Platform and Marketplace. As a service developer, you will learn how to build and access AI services that are published onto the network. As a client of SingularityNET services, you learn to integrate your software with SingularityNET services that other people have published.

The beta Marketplace is online at, and allows you browse a curated set of services that are available in the registry.

If you're new to SingularityNET, this is the suggested order in which to explore the developer portal. For everyone else, it's hopefully a good index to find the information you need.


First Steps

The first three links are relevant if you want to be a consumer of SingularityNET services. They are also worth going through if you want to publish a service, so that you you can test your service and will know the flow your customers need to go through.

  • Prerequisities - What do you need to do before you can start working with decentralised AI services.
  • Create a Wallet - To make transactions you'll need a wallet with some funds.
  • How to call a service - Covers trying out a service in the marketplace, and calling it from our command line tool.
  • Using the SDK - Calling a service using the Python SDK.

These steps guide you through creating a service, and getting that service on our marketplace:

SingularityNET Platform

Learn the details of the platform components.

Tutorials across languages

We maintain language-specific tutorials for a number popular languages.



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