Starting point for finding getting started information for working with SingularityNET and for overall design information.
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SingularityNET Documentation Wiki

SingularityNET is still under active development. The design is rapidly evolving and should be considered unstable until we release our Beta platform later this year.


SNET Platform

SNET Platform Development

Welcome to the SingularityNET Wiki

This is the community maintained wiki covering the details of the SingulairtyNET platform and our associated decentralized network of AI services. It includes information describing how to build and access AI services that are published onto the network as a service developer or an end-client.

What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET is an open and decentralized network of AI services made accessible through the blockchain. AI developers publish their services onto the SingularityNET network where they can be used by anyone with an internet connection. AI deveopers are able to charge for the use of their services using the native AGI token -- an ERC20 token hosted on Ethereum.

AI services span the entire gamut of offerings in artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI developers can provide services for inference or model training across myriad domains such as image/video, speech, text, time-series, bio-AI, network analysis, etc. AI services can be as small as individual algorithms or large as end-to-end solutions and standalone AI applications. AI developers can also deploy autonomous AI agents that interoperate with other services on the network.

The SingularityNET platform and network can be broken down into several core components:

  • Agents: An Agent is an AI service that has been published onto the SingularityNET network. The agent definition is stored on-chain in the registry with metadata such as endpoints stored off-chain in IPFS.

  • Registry: AI services are published onto a publicly accessible central registry on the blockchain. The registry maintains a list of active Agents on the network that expose services which can be called using the AGI token.

  • Multiparty escrow: A smart contract that facilitates transactions between users and AI service developers. It provides a wallet functionality (deposit and withdraw funds) as well as uni-directional payment channels between users and AI service developers enabling users to pay for service invocations

  • SNET Daemon: An AI service developer exposes their service to the network by running the SNET Daemon alongside their service. The SNET Daemon interacts with the blockchain to facilitate authorization and payment for services and acts as a passthrough for making API calls to the service.

  • SNET DApp: The SingularityNET DApp is a front-end for exploring available AI services and inetracting with them through a web-UI.

Current state of development

SingularityNET raised funds to build out our platform during our Token Generation Event (TGE) in December 2017. Since then we've been working quickly to build upon our platform and finalize designs for our production platform which will go into Beta in Feb 2019.

Active development on our platform is still continuing as we add additional capabilities to enable AI developers to begin launching services onto the network. Our goal is to help the community build out a vibrant network of useful AI services.

Designs for our production platform and associated development roadmap will also be published to the wiki as they are finalized.

Find out more

Further Resources, including information on how to acquire AGI tokens.