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= Reverse Polish Notation for Ruby =
== Buiding ==
You will need make, lex, and a C compiler.
Run make
== Running ==
The rpnr utility takes RPNR on standard in and outputs valid Ruby on stanadard out.
rpnr < code.rpnr > code.rb
== RPNR Syntax ==
* Tokens are seperated by whitespace
* '(' and ')' are whitespace
* Tokens that are all non-alphanumeric or start with a ':' are messages
* Tokens in double quotes are strings.
* Tokens in single quotes are symbols.
* Tokens in /.*/ are regular expressions.
* Tokens that are numbers are numbers
When a non-message is encountered, it is pushed onto the stack.
When a message is encountered:
* The top two items are popped
* The next-to-top item is passed the message with the argument being the top
=== Edge cases ===
'a,b' (a b +) :lambda #=> lambda{|a,b| a.send(:'+', b)}
a 1 = #=> a = 1