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module Keyserver where
import Control.Error (hush, MaybeT(..), runMaybeT, hoistMaybe, headMay)
import Data.Binary (decodeOrFail)
import qualified Network.HTTP as HTTP
import qualified Network.HTTP.Stream as HTTP (ConnError(..))
import qualified Data.OpenPGP as OpenPGP
import qualified Codec.Encryption.OpenPGP.ASCIIArmor as ASCIIArmor
import qualified Codec.Encryption.OpenPGP.ASCIIArmor.Types as ASCIIArmor
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy as LZ
import Util
fetchKey :: String -> IO (Maybe OpenPGP.Message)
fetchKey fpr = runMaybeT $ do
r <- MaybeT $ fmap hush $ tryIO' (HTTP.ErrorMisc . show) $ HTTP.simpleHTTP req
-- XXX: Data is all ASCII, but this is still a terrible hack
let rbytes = LZ.pack $ map (toEnum.fromEnum) (HTTP.rspBody r)
armor <- hoistMaybe $ headMay =<< hush (ASCIIArmor.decodeLazy rbytes :: Either String [ASCIIArmor.Armor])
bytes <- case armor of
ASCIIArmor.Armor ASCIIArmor.ArmorPublicKeyBlock _ bytes -> return bytes
_ -> hoistMaybe Nothing
case decodeOrFail bytes of
Left _ -> hoistMaybe Nothing
Right (_,_,x) -> return x
req = HTTP.getRequest $ "" ++ fpr ++ "&exact=on&options=mr"
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