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Main: Main.hs Application.hs Routes.hs MustacheTemplates.hs PathHelpers.hs Sqlite3.hs Keyserver.hs Assertion.hs Util.hs
ghc -threaded -O2 -Wall -fno-warn-name-shadowing Main.hs
Routes.hs: routes
routeGenerator -r -m Application -n 2 $< > $@
PathHelpers.hs: routes
routeGenerator -p -n 2 $< > $@
MustacheTemplates.hs: Records.hs view/report.mustache view/home.mustache
mustache2hs -m Records.hs view/report.mustache Report view/home.mustache HomeRec > $@
find -name '*.o' -o -name '*.hi' | xargs $(RM)
$(RM) -r dist dist-ghc Main Routes.hs PathHelpers.hs MustacheTemplates.hs
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