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OS X: There is an included XCode project file for building the
static library and demo application. Alteratively you could use the
CMake files.
UNIX: A forum user was kind enough to make a set of CMake files for
Chipmunk. This will require you to have CMake installed. To build
run 'cmake .' then 'make'. This should build a dynamic library, a
static library, and the demo application.
Windows: There is an included MSVC project for building the library
and demo application.
Ruby: I maintain a Ruby extension for Chipmunk. To build it, run
'ruby extconf.rb' then 'make' from inside the ruby directory.
A good place to start is with the MoonBuggy tutorial that is
available on the main Chipmunk page.
CONTACT: (also on Google Talk)
* Rational versioning scheme: ( Small changes
increment the build number. Significant changes that don't affect
backwards compatibility increment the minor number. Major changes
that will break backwards compatibility will increment the major
* Optimizations: Speed increases of 5-10% should be common.
* Groove Joint: Similar to a pivot joint, but one of the anchors is
on a linear slide instead of being fixed.
* Comments/cleanup. The code should be much more readable now.
* Official build paths for working on Linux and MSVC.