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@@ -4,3 +4,22 @@ Talk to serial port in assembly
Recursion example in assembly (mention tail recursion)
Talk about IO?
+== Haskell ==
+* Repeat the factorial. Y combinator does not type. Use Data.Function.fix. Talk about named functions and recursion.
+* Talk about modularity and imports. Import lists, export lists.
+* Types and typing. Algebraic datatypes.
+* Merge sort and algorithm analysis
+* map, fold, other common pattern
+* Type classes, Functor, Applicative functor
+* Monad
+== C ==
+* Repeat the factorial. We cannot do tail call elimination in C. Do the transform to a while loop.
+* Standard library and memory management (heap vs stack). Simple IO and talking to the OS (syscalls). Memory protection.
+* Arrays as pointers with pointer arithmetic. Bounds checking (counting and terminators). Structs/unions.
+* Linked list, doubly, circular
+* iterator, function pointer, macros, binary search
+* Reference counting

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