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function removeEvilTags($source) {
// Code by tREXX [], "strip_tags",
// [Jon Aquino 2005-10-28]
$allowedTags = '<a><br><b><h1><h2><h3><h4><i><img><li><ol><p><strong><table><tr><td><th><u><ul>';
$source = strip_tags($source, $allowedTags);
return preg_replace('/<(.*?)>/ie', "'<'.removeEvilAttributes('\\1').'>'", $source);
function removeEvilAttributes($tagSource) {
$stripAttrib = 'javascript:|onclick|ondblclick|onmousedown|onmouseup|onmouseover|'.
return stripslashes(preg_replace("/$stripAttrib/i", 'forbidden', $tagSource));
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