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if(!XN_Profile::current()->isLoggedIn())//Check if user is logged in and fail if they are not
die('<b>Please log in</b>');
$setup = XN_Query::create('Content')//Get the setup data (so we know what object types we're working with)
$setup = $setup->execute();
$setup = $setup[0];
$file = false;//we have no file
if($_REQUEST['id']) {//if editing object id
$file = XN_Content::load(intval($_REQUEST['id']));//load file by id from Content Store
if(XN_Profile::current()->screenName != $file->contributorName)//if this user is not the object owner, die
die('You do not have permission to edit this item');
$file->focus();//focus sidebar -- probably deprecated
}//end if id
if(isset($_REQUEST['submit'])) {//if processing form
if($_POST['data']) {//if files was uploaded
$data = XN_Request::uploadedFileContents($_POST['data']);//get uploaded file
} else
$data = false;//no uploaded file == no data (or do not change data)
if(!$file && !$data)//if no data and no original, die
die('<b>You must upload a '.$setup->my->single.'!</b>');
if(!$file)//if no existing file, create new object
$file = XN_Content::create($setup->my->single);
$file->title = $_REQUEST['title'];//set title
$file->description = $_REQUEST['description'];//set description
if($data)//if editing data
$file->my->set('data',base64_encode($data));//set data
if($_POST['data'])//if uploading file
$file->my->set('filename',$_POST['data']);//set filename
foreach(unserialize($setup->my->fields) as $field) {//set other fields
}//end foreach fields
$file->save();//save object to Content Store
if($_REQUEST['tags']) {//if there are tags
XN_Tag::checkTags($_REQUEST['tags']);//make sure the tags are valid
XN_Tag::addTags($file,$_REQUEST['tags']);//add tags to object (object must be saved at least once before this)
}//end if tags
$file->focus();//focus sidebar -- probably deprecated
echo '<p><b>'.$setup->my->single.' Saved</b></p>';//Print 'saved' message
}//end if isset submit
if($file) {//If there's an existing object, we're editing
echo '<h2>Edit '.$setup->my->single.'</h2>';
echo '<xn:head><title>'.XN_Application::load()->name.' - Edit '.$setup->my->single.'</title></xn:head>';
} else {//otherwise we're creating/adding
echo '<h2>Add '.$setup->my->single.'</h2>';
echo '<xn:head><title>'.XN_Application::load()->name.' - Add '.$setup->my->single.'</title></xn:head>';
}//end if-else file
<!-- File upload/object edit form -->
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>"><dl>
<dt>Title</dt><dd><input type="text" name="title" value="<?php if($file) echo $file->h('title'); ?>" /></dd>
<dt>Description</dt><dd><textarea name="description"><?php if($file) echo $file->h('description'); ?></textarea></dd>
//do arbitrary fields
foreach(unserialize($setup->my->fields) as $field) {
echo '<dt>'.$field.'</dt><dd><input type="text" name="'.$field.'" value="'.($file ? $file->my->$field : '').'" /></dd>';
}//end foreach fields
<dt><?php echo ($file ? 'Update' : 'Upload'); ?> File</dt><dd><input name="data" type="file" /></dd>
<dd><a href="editor.php?id=<?php echo $file->id; ?>">Edit Online</a> (text-based files only)</dd>
<?php if(!$file) { ?>
<dt>Tags</dt><dd><input type="text" name="tags" value="" /></dd>
<?php } ?>
<dt></dt><dd><?php if($file) echo '<input type="hidden" name="id" value="'.$file->id.'" />'; ?><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Save" /></dd>