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MAIN = get_flash_videos
COMBINE = utils/
VERSION := $(shell ./$(MAIN) --version 2>&1 | awk '{print $$3}')
TARGETS = combined-$(MAIN) combined-$(MAIN)-$(VERSION) \
$(MAIN)-$(VERSION) $(MAIN).1 $(MAIN).1.gz
default: $(MAIN)-$(VERSION)
all: $(TARGETS)
rm -f $(TARGETS) .sitemodules
# Build the main get_flash_videos, by combining the modules and sites into one
# file, for easier download and installation.
$(MAIN)-$(VERSION): $(COMBINE) $(MAIN) FlashVideo/* .sitemodules \
$(COMBINE) --name="$(MAIN)" --include="^FlashVideo::" \
utils/combine-header .sitemodules $(MAIN) > $@
chmod a+x $@
# This makes sure to 'use' all the Site modules, so that the combiner can pick
# them all up.
.sitemodules: FlashVideo/Site/*.pm
ls $^ | sed -e 's!/!::!g' -e 's/\.pm$$/ ();/' -e 's/^/use /' > $@
# Build a combined version which also includes our dependencies, this makes it
# easier for people who cannot install Perl modules. (Note that it does still
# need HTML::Parser, as this is XS, and optionally XML::Simple, but LWP and
# Mechanize are included by this).
COMBINED_SOURCES = utils/combine-head .sitemodules $(MAIN)
combined-$(MAIN)-$(VERSION): combined-get_flash_videos
cp -p $^ $@
$(COMBINE) --name="$@" $(COMBINED_SOURCES) > $@
chmod a+x $@
# Run our Perl tests.
check: $(MAIN)-$(VERSION)
SCRIPT=$^ prove t
# Manpage
$(MAIN).1: $(MAIN).pod
pod2man -c "User commands" -r "$(MAIN)-$(VERSION)" $^ > $@
$(MAIN).1.gz: $(MAIN).1
gzip -f $^
# Install
install: $(MAIN)-$(VERSION) $(MAIN).1.gz
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin
cp -p $(MAIN)-$(VERSION) $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/$(MAIN)
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man1
cp -p $(MAIN).1.gz $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man1
# For project people to easily make releases.
# Put this in ~/bin:
release: release-main deb
svn commit -m "Version $(VERSION)" wiki/ wiki/
release-main: $(MAIN)-$(VERSION) changelog-update wiki-update release-combined -l "Featured,OpSys-All" -s "Version $(VERSION)" -p get-flash-videos $<
git commit -m "Version $(VERSION)" debian/changelog
git tag -a -m "Version $(VERSION)" v$(VERSION)
release-combined: combined-$(MAIN)-$(VERSION) -l "OpSys-All" -s "Version $(VERSION) -- combined version including some required modules." -p get-flash-videos $^
svn checkout $@
@fgrep -q '$(MAIN) ($(VERSION)-1)' debian/changelog || dch -v $(VERSION)-1
wiki-update: wiki
@cd wiki && svn up
@perl -pi -e's/(get[-_]flash[-_]videos[-_])\d+\.\d+/$${1}$(VERSION)/g' wiki/
@perl -pi -e's/\d+\.\d+/$(VERSION)/g' wiki/
@svn diff wiki/ wiki/ | grep -q . || (echo "Version already released" && exit 1)
@svn diff wiki/ wiki/ && echo "OK? (ctrl-c to abort)" && read F
deb: release-main
mkdir -p /tmp/deb
git archive --prefix=v$(VERSION)/ v$(VERSION) | tar -xvf - -C /tmp/deb
cd /tmp/deb/v$(VERSION) && (dpkg-buildpackage || echo "Ignoring return value..") -l "Type-Package,OpSys-Linux" -s "Version $(VERSION) -- Debian package, for Debian and Ubuntu" -p get-flash-videos /tmp/deb/get-flash-videos_$(VERSION)-1_all.deb
rm -rf /tmp/deb/v$(VERSION)
.PHONY: all clean release release-main release-combined check wiki-update install deb