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mnw is a wordpress plugin which adds openmicroblogging support to wordpress.

== Installation ==
- Copy the plugin to your wordpress‘ plugin directory.
- Copy mnw-themepage.php as mnw.php to the directory of your current theme.
- Adjust the mnw.php to fit to your theme (archives.php is a good start to see
  how your theme looks like on custom pages).
- Create a new page in wordpress. This page is the main frontend of your OMB
  instance. Give it a sensible name, keep the content empty and select 'mnw' as
  template. Publish this page.
- Activate the plugin.
- Configure the plugin in the corresponding admin menu.
- (Optional) Copy omb.png to the directory of your current theme. Enable the sidebar
  widget displaying a count of your omb subscribers.
- (Optional) Add a sidebar widget showing received messages.

Note that mnw is published under the GNU Affero General Public License. You have to
publish the source code for mnw. If you change nothing, just link to the mnw website.

== Current features ==
mnw gives users of an OMB service the possibility to subscribe to your blog directly.
Your blog will automatically send OMB notices to subscribers when you publish a new
post, page or attachment (configurable). You may as well post arbitrary OMB notices
from the wordpress admin interface.

Moreover, mnw allows your blog to subscribe to a remote user and later on receive
his messages. To subscribe to a user, enter the your blog‘s URL as your profile URL
on the remote user‘s remote subscribe form.

== Versions ==
22. February 2009: 0.1   First public release. Complete profile settings, profile
                         updating through omb, consistent frontend, notice sending on
24. February 2009: 0.1b  Service release, fixes a serious fault in the description of
                         the microblog notice template.
03. March 2009:    0.1c  Adds an optional sidebar widget which displays the count of
                         OMB subscribers and a link to the subscribe page.
13. March 2009:    0.2   Adds receiving & displaying of notices. mnw now uses libomb
                         for the OMB handling.
25. April 2009:    0.3   Adds the possibility to send arbitrary notices, an admin
                         page listing all notices and a dashboard widget showing 

== Milestones, future features ==
1.0 should be able to send (arbitrary and on blog post) & receive (probably direct
    responses) messages. Display of them in widgets. Clean code.

Additional features
- Publish micro formats
- Support multiple users
- Configure post/page/comment broadcasting on a per-post/page base
- Send notice for new comments
- Shorten URLs
- Optionally exclude microblog page from all_pages
- Allow tags/categories display in post template
- Store images locally
- Validate own user profile via libomb
- Handle licenses
- Allow multiple notice widgets && Allow notice widgets for certain users. This
  will happen with the transition to Wordpress 2.8.
- Support commenting as presented in

== Bugs ==
Use better default for omb_bio
Push only once to every service url (postNotice, updateProfile)
Get that GET/POST stuff clean (No GET params in POST requests)
Validate.php does not use mb_strlen.
Don‘t overwrite existing values with empty ones if they are not passed at all.
Not compatible with WordpressMU
Locale for dates is somehow broken
Page titles at themepage are somewhat ugly
SeealsoMediatype is probably not appropriate for attachments?