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Don't create an AX extension object unless necessary

This is a workaround for a bug in the ruby-openid gem which outputs a
"mode" parameter even if there are no other values being queried. This
causes some providers (such as Google) to prompt the user differently
(for example, Google says "site X is requesting information from your
Google account" instead of just "sign in to site X with your Google
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commit bcb8c9b7e808c15b055d7b2dce3af06dbd155d29 1 parent 8572b23
@sheltond sheltond authored josh committed
Showing with 11 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +11 −4 lib/rack/openid.rb
15 lib/rack/openid.rb
@@ -238,12 +238,19 @@ def add_attribute_exchange_fields(oidreq, fields)
axreq =
required = Array(fields['required']).select(&URL_FIELD_SELECTOR)
- required.each { |field| axreq.add(, nil, true)) }
optional = Array(fields['optional']).select(&URL_FIELD_SELECTOR)
- optional.each { |field| axreq.add(, nil, false)) }
- oidreq.add_extension(axreq)
+ if required.any? || optional.any?
+ required.each do |field|
+ axreq.add(, nil, true))
+ end
+ optional.each do |field|
+ axreq.add(, nil, false))
+ end
+ oidreq.add_extension(axreq)
+ end
def add_oauth_fields(oidreq, fields)
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