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== Rubygame 2.4.0
Release focus: Events.
=== Features
- New Events module, with a suite of new and revised event classes.
The new classes offer full functionality as the older classes.
- Use Rubygame::EventQueue#enable_new_style_events to enable the new
event classes. This will become the default in Rubygame 3.0.
- Uses symbols instead of integer constants for keyboard keys and
mouse buttons (e.g. :a, :space, :mouse_left, :mouse_right).
- Better unicode / international keyboard text input support.
(See Rubygame::Events::KeyPressed#string)
- More natural and memorable class naming scheme.
- New hook-based event handling system.
(NOTE: Requires use of the new event classes.)
- Rubygame::EventHandler class.
EventHandler holds many EventHook instances. It handles each event
by passing it to matching hooks.
- Rubygame::EventHandler::HasEventHandler mixin module.
Include this in your custom classes to add easy event handling
and event hook creation abilities.
- Rubygame::EventHook class.
- Rubygame::EventActions module.
Has several pre-made event action classes to use with EventHook.
- Rubygame::EventTriggers module.
Has several pre-made event trigger classes to use with EventHook.
- Added Rubygame.enable_key_repeat and Rubygame.disable_key_repeat.
Thanks to atiaxi for this new feature!
=== Fixes
- Fixed: EventQueue#peek_each didn't yield any events.
- Fixed: Segfault in extract_rgba_u8_as_u8() on x86_64 systems.
Thanks to ElCuGo for this fix!
- Fixed: Several "cast from pointer" warnings on x86_64 systems.
- Fixed: Build system didn't correctly compile with debug symbols
when using "debug" option.
- Fixed: Surface#get_at didn't work correctly for 8-bit Surfaces.
- Fixed: Ftor.new_from_to would always complain about "wrong number
of arguments". Thanks to atiaxi for this fix!
=== Other Stuff
- The panda demo (samples/demo_rubygame.rb) has been renovated to
demonstrate how to use the new features, and to be a better example.
- Old event classes are deprecated and will be removed in 3.0.
- ActiveEvent (use Events::InputFocusGained,
Events::WindowMinimized, and
- ExposeEvent (use Events::WindowExposed)
- JoyAxisEvent (use Events::JoystickAxisMoved)
- JoyBallEvent (use Events::JoystickBallMoved)
- JoyDownEvent (use Events::JoystickButtonPressed)
- JoyHatEvent (use Events::JoystickHatMoved)
- JoyUpEvent (use Events::JoystickButtonReleased)
- KeyDownEvent (use Events::KeyPressed)
- KeyUpEvent (use Events::KeyReleased)
- MouseDownEvent (use Events::MousePressed)
- MouseMotionEvent (use Events::MouseMoved)
- MouseUpEvent (use Events::MouseReleased)
- QuitEvent (use Events::QuitRequested)
- ResizeEvent (use Events::WindowResized)
== Rubygame 2.3.0
Release focus: Media resources.
=== Features
- Add: Rubygame::NamedResource mixin module
- Provides per-class resource repository and on-demand auto-loading
- Add: Rubygame::Music class.
- Intended as a full replacement for Rubygame::Mixer::Music.
- Includes NamedResources mixin.
- NOTE: Requires SDL_mixer support.
- Add: Rubygame::Sound class.
- Intended as a full replacement for Rubygame::Mixer::Sample.
- Includes NamedResources mixin.
- NOTE: Requires SDL_mixer support.
- Update: Rubygame::Surface class.
- Includes NamedResources mixin.
- Add: Surface.load_from_string (NOTE: Requires SDL_image support.)
=== Fixes
- ColorBase had been accidently placed in the top level namespace in
Rubygame 2.2.0. It is now correctly placed in the Rubygame::Color
=== Other Stuff
- Deprecation (will be removed in Rubygame 3.0):
- Rubygame::Mixer module and methods are deprecated.
- Rubygame::Mixer::Music class is deprecated.
Use Rubygame::Music class instead.
- Rubygame::Mixer::Sample class is deprecated.
Use Rubygame::Sound class instead.
- Rubygame::Surface.load_image is deprecated.
Use Rubygame::Surface.load instead.
- NOTE: Run ruby with -w flag or set $_v = true to enable run-time
deprecation warnings.
== Rubygame 2.2.0
Release focus: Colors.
=== Features
- Add: Rubygame::Color module
- ColorRGB, ColorHSV, and ColorHSL classes.
- X11 and CSS palettes of pre-defined colors.
- Surface methods can accept ColorRGB etc. for colors.
- Automatic lookup of color names when a string or symbol
is passed for a color to Surface methods.
- Add: Surface#set_at().
- Add: Screen#icon=().
=== Bug Fixes
- Fix: Surface#draw_arc was incorrectly documented as Surface#draw_pie
=== Improvements
- Rect#collide_rect? is now faster.
- Sprites::Group#collide_group can take a block; arguments are deprecated.
=== Other Stuff
- Build system correctly recompiles if source has changed.
- Build system option syntax has changed. See the README: Advanced Install.
- Build system will correctly exit with an error status if it can't compile;
fixes Rubygems trying to install even when compile failed.
=== Acknowledgements
- Michael Swiger (mokkan) for Screen#icon=.
- ippa for optimizing Rect#collide_rect?.
== Rubygame 2.1.0
=== Features
- Add: Mixer::Music module.
- Add: Mixer.driver_name method.
- Add: Depth sorting for sprites.
- Add: Sprite#undraw.
- Add: TTF#size_utf8 and TTF#size_unicode.
- Add: Rubygame.key_name.
=== Bug Fixes
- Fix: Bug with dirty rectangles in UpdateGroup.
- Fix: Incorrect docs for joy-hat direction value.
- Fix: Segfaults when Joysticks are garbage-collected after Rubygame has quit.
- Fix: Segfaults when using Surface#convert, #to_display, or #to_display_alpha
when no video mode has been set.
- Fix: Surface#get_at returning [0,0,0,0] when it shouldn't.
- Fix: Sprites::Group#collide_group behaving incorrectly (again).
- Fix: Build system doesn't correctly handle quoted spaces in --cflags/--lflags.
(NOTE: Use CFLAGS/LDFLAGS environment variables now, instead.)
=== Known Issues
- Build system won't detect changed source files and recompile as necessary;
you must "rake clobber build" after a change.
=== Other Stuff
- Added argument checks to several Rect methods.
- Surfaces can be created with no Screen mode set.
- Mixer.open_audio has default values.
- TTF style getting/setting refactored under the hood.
- Added demo_music.rb and a sample song.ogg to try out music.
=== Acknowledgements
- Johan Berntsson for adding Mixer::Music.
- Daniel Neis Araujo for adding Sprite#undraw.
- Roger Ostrander (denor) for and bug fixes and adding Rubygame.key_name.
- Bjorn De Meyer (beoran) for numerous patches and improvements.
== Rubygame 2.0.1
=== Bug Fixes
- Fix: Segfaults in several C methods when passed an unexpected argument type.
- Fix: Segfaults in Screen#update and Screen#update_rects when the Rect(s)
extended out of the Screen bounds.
- Fix: Ftor#magnitude= behaving incorrectly.
- Fix: Rect#clip! behaving incorrectly.
- Fix: Sprites::Group#collide_group behaving incorrectly.
- Fix: Surface#savebmp wanting too many arguments.
=== Other Stuff
- Argument handling for C methods is now more robust under the hood.
- C methods which expect Array arguments will now also work with objects
that can be converted to an Array (with #to_ary), such as Ftor.
== Rubygame 2.0.0:
*NOTICE*: version 2.0.0 is not totally backward-compatible with 1.1.0.
You may have to update existing applications to the new syntax.
(Hence the major version number going up.)
=== API Changes
==== Basic audio playback with SDL_mixer
- Add: Rubygame::Mixer module (basic SDL_mixer audio playback).
- Add: Rubygame::Mixer::Sample class (load audio samples).
==== Event management system revamped
- Add: Rubygame.fetch_sdl_events()
- Add: Rubygame::EventQueue class.
- Add: Rubygame::MailQueue mixin.
- Retire: Rubygame::Queue class.
==== Surface swallows Draw, Transform, and Image methods
- Updated: Rubygame::Surface class
- Add: Surface.load_image() (migrated from Image).
- Add: ##savebmp (migrated from Image).
- Add: ##draw_* (migrated from Draw).
- Add: ##rotozoom, ##zoom (migrated from Transform).
- Add: ##zoom_to method.
- Retire: Draw module (methods merged into Surface).
- Retire: Transform module (methods merged into Surface).
- Retire: Image module (methods merged into Surface).
==== Clock class improved
- Updated: Rubygame::Clock class
- Clock is now directly under Rubygame (not Rubygame::Time).
- takes no arguments, but yields self if a block is given.
- framerate limiting with ##tick is now much more accurate.
- Add: Clock.runtime(), Clock.wait(), Clock.delay() (migrated from Time)
- Rename: ##fps to ##framerate.
- Rename: ##desired_fps to ##target_framerate.
- Rename: ##desired_mspf to ##target_frametime.
- Rename: ##time to ##lifetime.
- Retire: Time module (methods merged into Clock).
==== Experimental classes/modules
- Add: Rubygame::MediaBag class.
- Add: Rubygame::Ftor class.
- Add: Rubygame::Hotspot mixin.
- Change: Rubygame::SFont class must be explicitly imported
(require 'rubygame/sfont').
==== New system for version and capability detection
- Rubygame::VERSIONS: a hash table with the version numbers of rubygame,
SDL, and any SDL_* libraries that were compiled in.
- Methods which are not supported will no be defined in the namespace;
formerly, they would be defined but nonfunctional (issued a warning and
returned nil).
==== Miscellaneous other changes and additions
- Add: Rubygame.quit (cleanly exit SDL; resets resolution after fullscreen).
- Updated: Rubygame::Surface class
- Argument list for has changed.
- Add: ##clip and ##clip=.
- Add: ##convert, ##to_display, and ##to_display_alpha.
- Updated: Rubygame::Screen class
- Rename: Screen.set_mode() to
- Add: Screen.set_mode() and Screen.instance() (aliases for
- Add: ##title, ##title= (replaces ##caption and ##set_caption)
- Updated: Rubygame::TTF class
- Add: ##render_utf8 and ##render_unicode methods.
- Add: ##size_text method.
=== Bug Fixes
- Fix several erroneous Rect methods.
- Fix "bignum out of range of unsigned long (RangeError)" when using
=== Other Stuff
- New build/install system with Rake.
- Split the monolithic rubygame extension into modules:
rubygame_core:: main SDL interface.
rubygame_gfx:: SDL_gfx interface.
rubygame_image:: SDL_image interface.
rubygame_mixer:: SDL_mixer interface.
rubygame_ttf:: SDL_ttf interface.