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This represents the direction Rubygame will be going in, but
keep in mind that specific details may change over time.
== 2.X.0 (_possible_ minor releases before 3.0.0)
=== Focus: Clock
- New Events::ClockTicked class with lots of information
- Time since last frame, in both seconds and milliseconds
- Current time
- Current framerate
- New clock class
- Based on Ruby's timer (allows multi-threading)
- Better framerate calculation algorithm
- #tick returns an instance of Events::Tick
=== Focus: Surface & Rect
- Surface improvements
- Make Surface instances copyable and marshalable
- Support for palettes on 8-bit Surfaces
- To Fix: New Surfaces never have alpha channels
- To Fix: Surface#set_at doesn't respect alpha
- To Add: Surface#pixels= (set pixel data directly)
- To Add: Surface.load_from_pixels (create from pixel data)
- Rewrite Rect class in C for speed
=== Focus: Sprites
- New sprite system
- New Sprite, Scene, and Camera classes.
- More powerful and simpler to use.
- Integration with the Chipmunk physics library.
== 3.0.0 (next major release)
- Backwards compatibility is broken:
- Deprecated classes / methods retired:
- Rubygame::Mixer module.
- Rubygame::Mixer::Sample class. Use Rubygame::Sound.
- Rubygame::Mixer::Music class. Use Rubygame::Music.
- Rubygame::Surface.load_image method. User Rubygame::Surface.load.
- Surface#get_at
- Sprites::Group#collide_group
- Change Sprites::Group#collide_group to scrap the 'killa/killb' stuff,
take a block instead.
== On the horizon...
- Polygon, circle, and other geometric primitives
- Drawing, with styles?
- OpenGL drawing?
- Collision detection?
- Physical shapes w/ Chipmunk?
- Generate bounding Polygon from an image automatically?
- Path (Curve?) (graphs/plots for tracing position and other uses)
- Can find the position N units along the path.
- Can draw a line showing the path.
- LinearPath (connect the dots, linear interpolation)
- BezierPath (chain of continuous cubic Bézier curves)
- CodePath (calculated from a code block)
- Effect (Action?)
- "Attach" to an instance, does something over time.
- E.g. moves a sprite from point A to point B over N seconds.
- Many types of effects, easy to define custom ones.
- Takes parameters: start/end time, others depending on effect.
- C equivalent of Rect.new_from_object (see rect.rb)
- Screen#update (cannot pass object with rect attribute)
- Screen#update_rects (same as above)
- Why not just call the ruby function from within C?