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# Keep track of where we are and where we've been.
sp := $(sp).x
dirstack_$(sp) := $(d)
d := $(dir)
# Set up what goes into this target
SRCS_$(d) := $(d)/search.c
SRCS_$(d) := $(SRCS_$(d)) common/get_paths.c
ifeq ($(TARGET),win32)
SRCS_$(d) := $(SRCS_$(d)) common/getopt.c
OBJS_$(d) := $(SRCS_$(d):%.c=%.o)
TGTS_$(d) := $(d)/search$(BINSUFFIX)
CLEAN_$(d) := $(OBJS_$(d)) $(TGTS_$(d))
$(TGTS_$(d)): LL_TGT+=-lsqlite3
.PHONY: targets_$(d) install_$(d)
$(TGTS_$(d)): $(OBJS_$(d))
targets_$(d): $(TGTS_$(d))
install_$(d): $(TGTS_$(d))
mkdir -p "$(prefix)/bin"
@for BIN in $^; do cp -vp "$$BIN" "$(prefix)/bin/tve-`basename $$BIN`"; "$(STRIP)" "$(prefix)/bin/tve-`basename $$BIN`"; done
# Arrange for this target to be part of a global build
CLEAN := $(CLEAN) $(CLEAN_$(d))
targets: targets_$(d)
install: install_$(d)
# Keep track of where we are and where we've been
d := $(dirstack_$(sp))
sp := $(basename $(sp))
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